What Kind of Bedding Do You Use for a Corn Snake?

By | January 16, 2020

The corn snakes are the most pretty snakes amongst several other snake species; mostly, these snakes can be identified easily as each snake have a different pattern and looks to identify. The corn snakes can be ideal reptile pet choice for the beginners who never had a pet snake as these snakes are harmless and keeps themselves busy in several activities and keep themselves engaged.

The corn snakes are the most reliable reptile breed as they don’t bite unless you provoke them too much; there are several things that you must know if you have a pet corn snake. Firstly these snakes are harmless, and feeding them is easy because the baby corn snake will eat pinkish rat (rat’s baby), and an adult corn snake will eat an adult rat. These snakes are also known as rat snakes as they love to eat rats because rats are their favorite prey.

In this article, we are going to explain to you their diet, appearance, and the best corn snake substrate because of bedding the natural process that takes place occasionally. There are several things that you must know about bedding and what steps than you choose to help your pet snake. The bedding is a natural process that takes place after a particular time whenever your snake is growing, the bottom layer of skin comes off, and your pet snake will have a brand new skin along with an increase in length.

The most excellent steps that you take while your snake is bedding:

Commonly breeders use aspen shaving as bedding; the reason is – it is absorbent, soft, and hold its shape whenever snake burrow. If you have a corn snake as a pet here, we are to serve you with the best Corn Snake Substrate, so you will not panic whenever that process takes place. In these following points, we are going to explain to you what things that you require when your corn snake is beading.


Newspapers are an ideal choice while your corn snake is bedding because the old newspapers are capable of soaking that fluid, which is present there. In contrast, bedding though the bedding gets hard very quickly and the newspaper is an easily available thing that can be easily found at any home. If you don’t have a newspaper at home, you can borrow it from your neighborhood easily.

Paper towel:

The features of paper towels while the snake’s bedding is quite similar as it also absorbs that fluid and allows your pet snake to perform bedding conveniently. The paper towels have more absorbing particles, which makes bedding more comfortable for the pet snake. But it would help if you had paper towels at home for such cases because the newspapers are easily available. Still, these paper towels aren’t, you can easily remove the towels and replace it with the new one for more comfortable bedding, and whenever you clean your snake’s cage. They are more suitable for snakes, so they can’t burrow.


Sand helps the snakes to bedding more comfortably, and this type of sand is easily available in the market, but getting that for bedding is not the right choice as the snake likes to burrow under the sand, and this step of snake can cause damage to new skin’s scales. Sand can easily stick in it and can cause several more damages, so it isn’t preferable for snakes bedding. The ingested sand causes an impaction of it and capable of getting under the snake’s scale easily.

Some interesting facts about corn snakes:

  • The corn snake can get 24 – 72 inches long.
  • They more often found in orange and yellow color; they also have red blotch along with stripes on the back and the sides of the body.
  • The belly of a corn snake is covered with black and white margins
  • The belly of a corn snakes looks similar to the kernel of Indian corn, so it gets named as ‘the corn snake.’
  • The corn snake loves to eat rats as the baby corn snake eats pinkish rats (baby rats), and the adult corn snake will eat adult rats.
  • The corn snakes love to eat rats; this is the reason why they are also known as rat snakes.
  • These snakes are the diurnal animal, which means they are active during the day. When they are not searching for things like food, they like to hide under the sand.
  • The corn snakes are a carnivore, which means they eat only meat/flesh to keep themselves alive.
  • The corn snakes are not venomous at all, though the rumors said they consist of lethal venom, which can even cause death, but they are not venomous at all; they are safest reptiles.
  • These snakes do not require the company of any other reptile or animals along with them to keep themselves entertained. These snakes don’t get bored and loves to climb on one branch to another.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Are the corn snakes herbivores?

No! The corn snakes are carnivores and love to eat rats only, a rat is their favorite meal, and this is the reason behind this snake is also known as a rat snake.

How to handle the corn snake?

The corn snakes are not friendly with anyone as they love to spend their time keeping themselves engaged in several activities.

The conclusion:

Here we are with a final statement that is the bedding is a natural process in which the snake shed its old skin and appears different with new skin, there are several things that you must keep in your mind if you have a corn snake as a pet. These snakes don’t require too much care and attention, and they are reliable because the corn snakes are not poisonous at all. The corn snakes are usually called rat snakes because they like eating a rat; a rat is their favorite prey. We hope the information given will be beneficial for you and helped you to know more about the corn snake as a pet.