Ways You Can Contribute to Battle Creek Dog Park

By | December 27, 2019

Help out

Here is how you can help keep the park free to all:

  • Bring extra bags and help stuff the poop bag mailboxes
  • Bring a jug of water to help fill drinking bowls in the meadows
  • Be an angel and pick up orphan poops
  • Pick up litter year round
  • Volunteer to help with poop barrels & wood chip raking
  • Participate in the annual Earth Day Clean Up in April each year.  Watch for signs near the park at the beginning of April for the exact date.
  • Fill out this form to let us know how you would like to help!



Battle Creek Dog Park is run by Ramsey County Park & Recreation and a dedicated group of volunteers (to volunteer send a message from our Contact page and we’ll get you started!).  Currently the park is free, however it does cost money to maintain the park and with budget cuts we are often the first to go–so donations are greatly appreciated.

Donations are used for wood chips for the paths and special projects such as stemming pond erosion at the dog park.  All donations are put into a special fund specifically for Battle Creek Dog Park.  Download the Battle Creek Off‐Leash Dog Area – Site Improvements document (at the bottom of this page) to see what else is being planned.

To Donate:
Contact Jan Carr for more information.

Battle Creek Dog Park: Site Improvement Plan


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