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How Much Water Should Be in a Turtle Tank?

Turtles spend their time in both water and on land. Well, if you see a turtle sun-basking then you should know that it is essential for their health. But if you want to keep a turtle as a pet, you should look out for the best turtle tanks that are large enough for them. Make… Read More »

What Kind of Bedding Do You Use for a Corn Snake?

The corn snakes are the most pretty snakes amongst several other snake species; mostly, these snakes can be identified easily as each snake have a different pattern and looks to identify. The corn snakes can be ideal reptile pet choice for the beginners who never had a pet snake as these snakes are harmless and… Read More »

Ways You Can Contribute to Battle Creek Dog Park

Help out Here is how you can help keep the park free to all: Bring extra bags and help stuff the poop bag mailboxes Bring a jug of water to help fill drinking bowls in the meadows Be an angel and pick up orphan poops Pick up litter year round Volunteer to help with poop… Read More »

Socialization – It’s Well Beyond the Dog Park

By Maureen Haggerty (from the Ramsey County Park & Rec website) What is socialization? To be social means to be accepting and comfortable with the culture and behaviors of a community. Our dogs are forced to live within our human community, with human behaviors, and the sights and sounds of our culture. It is our… Read More »

Rules of Battle Creek Off-Leash Dog Park

Dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated. Dogs must be leashed prior to entering and upon leaving the off-leash area and in transition corridors. Owners must have a visible leash at all times. Owners must be in verbal control of their dogs at all times and prevent aggressive behavior, biting, fighting or excessive barking. Owners… Read More »

Metro Area Dog Parks

By Jan Carr Last  revised:  September 20, 2009 This is a run-down of  the 44 dog parks in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area – including Battle Creek Dog Park. I have not visited them all, but I have added a description for those I have.  All require a dog license, which is intended to insure… Read More »

Kids + Dogs = A Volatile Mix

Contributors: Becky Palapala, Kristin Westbrock, Jan Carr; June, 2012 The Battle Creek dog park can be a dangerous place for your young children.  If you choose to bring your youngsters to the park, particularly toddlers, you should be aware of the inherent health and safety risks. Not All Dogs are Socialized to Children Even though your… Read More »

Dog Park Tips For a Successful Visit

A successful visit to the dog park depends on everyone doing their best to control their dog, following the rules and doing the right thing when it is necessary (e.g. leaving the park if your dog becomes aggressive).  Here are links to information you should become familiar with to create a positive experience for you… Read More »

Battle Creek Dog Park Etiquette

Links to good articles: Dog Park Etiquette: Rules to Help Dogs Get Along ​by Dr. Sophia Yin A great article about how and why dogs should behave politely at an off-leash dog park.  Well wirtten and various illustrated senarios. Dog Parks and Dog Park Etiquette by Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals… Read More »

Battle Creek Dog Park

Battle Creek Dog Park is run by Ramsey County Park & Rec and a dedicated group of volunteers.  It is considered by many to be the best dog park in the metro area.  Click here to see the WCCO video stating just that. Another plus is that Battle Creek Dog Park is totally FREE!  A permit is not required and… Read More »